Naturally Elevated For A Hangover Free Guarantee

Conscious Clubbing was co-created in Bath, and Bristol, England, UK, in 2010 by Mark T.J Keane with Karen Darke

Conscious Clubbing refers to an uplifting and transformational free dance experience without drugs or alcohol.

Natural ways are sought to raise consciousness.

Since 2010 many events use that term, and Mark T.J Keane now runs ‘Kundalini Clubbing’ events with Kirsty Lewis, which has evolved from, and includes Conscious Clubbing.

Kundalini Clubbing combines the elevated free dance space with Cacao Ceremony, Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini Dance and Gong Resonance to elevate your state of consciousness by raising your vibration, leading to natural ecstasy, transformation as well as personal and collective healing.