Kundalini Clubbing has now really evolved into something quite special. Nowhere on earth has the science and technology of ecstasy become more realised than right here.

The high grade cacao is unique in the world, in being of the highest ceremonial quality for shamanic use in Guatemala, and created with intention like all native medicines. Drinking this genuine elixir whilst hot is a real honour and privilege. It is taken under Mark’s guidance as a true wizard, having been a Yogi, Shaman and Druid for over 10 years now.

Kirsty Lewis Kundalini Yoga

Then nothing else gets energy moving like Kundalini Yoga. Kirsty is a wonderful teacher, so clear, and supportive in guiding us through the most challenging, yet rewarding of ‘kriyas’ (sets). After each session, you feel so happy, and re-vitalised, it’s truly remarkable.

Then it is always really nice to take some time to have some of the amazing superfood delights from Rachana, at the Bliss Bar, who is a real alchemist, when it comes to raw food. It is a good time to meet the lovely people that are attracted to these high vibrational events. You can’t put a price on making new, yet genuine, lasting connections.


Mark Keane Kundalini DanceMark then takes us through a journey like no other. There is no-one else in the UK, or even Europe who has the experience of teaching Kundalini Dance. It is guaranteed one way ticket to bliss ! Sacred space is called in, then the fire dance releases all tension and anxieties like nothing else on Earth.

Then we are guided with expertise through a shamanic healing dance of all our seven chakra levels, ensuring an experience of oneness.

Finally light is channeled down through us and out towards the Earth supporting the Earth in healing and awakening.

We are then primed for a full relaxation, with a beautiful gong bath that goes so deep, you will return to that feeling of safety that you knew when you were so very little – like coming home.

Words cannot express what an incredible journey Kundalini Clubbing is, you simply must experience it yourself – and once you have tried it, you will want to keep coming back for more!

See you soon at the next event with Mark & Kirsty and the KC crew x



Blog from old events, when known as Conscious Clubbing :

Report from ‘Return to Source’ March, 2012

And so, Conscious Clubbers descended early this month for Earth Hour, armed only with a variety of drums, from the Djembe to the Shamanic. At 8.30pm the DJ equipment was swiched off,  the lights were turned off, the Lazers off, and the candles were lit. There was something very exciting and primal about this process…and then the drumming began. Something ancient stirred within the space. We were carried off into a myriad of intoxicating wild rhythms. All in the knowledge that all around the world, in this special hour, others were gathered like us. Gathered in conscious ways to find different ways of celebration without our beloved electricity.

The young boys often led the drumming and were surprisingly strong in their ability to hold a good rhythm, their Mum must be proud. Later on we had the drum leader improvise by drumming by using his hat to beat the drum with! All the while the shamanic drum kept beating in the background, like a heart beat pulsing from the Earth itself.

Of course yours truly gave it a good bash too, well you can’t dance ALL the time, although I do try!

Then at 9.30pm after the greatest drumming climax Wilder Street has ever seen, the lights went back on, and DJ Kundalini (me) took us through a plethora of different music styles to break things up a bit.

The hardy few ended with herbal tea, raw chocolate cake and a jolly good sing along of some Kundalini Yoga mantras

Sat Nam. See you on June 2nd for…FEEL THE FORCE!


Report from ‘Inspiration‘ – Saturday, 18th February 2012

Wow – what an incredible night! Now this was more like the vision I had all along!

Great to be back at Wilder St Studio with the new lighting/lazers.

Again just fantastic to see people travel from all over the country, 12 people from Totnes, one from Cornwall, another from Devon, one from Wales and others from Stroud, Bath etc. These events really draw people in who are interested in dancing, but in a safe space, free from the unpredictability of people under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Thanks so much to Carrie Love for DJing all night, it was completely fate, yours truely AKA DJ Kundalini had the whole night set out for mixing it up a bit, but his laptop had other ideas and was forced to surrender to the current of the night. Carrie wooed us with her genenerous collection of dance music including many favourites from my golden age of clubbing in London, but also tunes bang up to date.

Penny mixed a mean chocolate milkshake by my recipe and we gave them out absolutely FREE because we are all about giving at Conscious Clubbing. We had a bit of a drama with the blender, but it was worth the wait, and we all delighted in our raw chocolate energy shakes, as one Conscious Clubber put it, we were “bouncing of the walls” – job done ;o)

Certainly left feeling very inspired, and the message is loud and clear, lets spread the word – Conscious Clubbing is a movement, a new way of coming together in celebration of music, of dance and of just how awesome we all are when just chill out and have fun.

Peace out. M x



New Years Eve report by DJ Kundalini (Mark TJ Keane)

Wow! What an incredible night for Conscious Clubbing at the ‘Gateway to 2012’

Such a beautiful gathering of open hearted souls in oneness and celebration.

An incredible blessing to have the enchantment of Vicki Burke guiding her musical journey through the chakras. What a way to consciously move through into the new year! Such sublime tranquility emanating from her harp strings that struck a chord in the heart strings of all us Conscious Clubbers. To watch her weave her way onto the flute feels like the flute is actually dancing you, the musician and the dancer become one, in that moment so pregnant with expectation, the connection to one’s True vibration and in each other was a real joy and privilege to be part of. Then she would leap onto the saxophone, her talents seemingly know no bounds! That would really get those feet moving and grooving. All the while Mike kept us in the rhythm which his hypnotic tabla playing, we were all transported to the timeless realm. We culminated in singing together ‘Om Mane Padme Om’, so touching to be dancing and singing as one heart. Of course I did my bit to as a trained Kundalini Dance teacher to humbly guide the Conscious Clubbers on the journey through the chakras into oneness, but the real credit goes to Vicki, Mike and the dancers!

Before midnight we all engaged in an incredible fire dance circle relinquishing all that we need to let go of from 2011, powerful stuff. Then we came together to invite in what we most feel in our hearts to resonate to during this unparalleled year of opportunity for growth and transformation. I will never forget the closing words of wisdom from the little boy in the centre of the circle, as these events are family friendly…”Take Care” he said. I think those are the wisest words I have ever heard spoken. God bless him!

Then we drummed and danced our way into a frenzy of celebration for midnight arrived – ah 2012, we have made it, so open to welcome in what this year brings! So ready! So…right now!

Then I enjoyed a sublime massage from Steff, I really felt that all the weight from the year, and holding space for the night, and the fear in my heart just dropped away, and I spent the rest of the evening in the deepest and most profound relaxation, surrender and joy.

We ended with a beautiful gathering around Vicki singing some of the ‘Keys to the Golden City’ whilst enchanting us once more with her harp!

Looking forward to a year of dance and celebration at Conscious Clubbing!

2 Responses to “Blog”

  1. Fiona Stolze says:

    Sounds like it was a lot of fun Mark. And great to see your site has a blog. Looking forward to reading more of your posts in the weeks to come. Keep up the good work.

    Fiona Stolze

  2. emma says:

    so glad it was a great nite x we were there in spirit :-) fantastic space which is created to let go be free and have a party night out but relax at the same time x love x

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